Art for Charity

WeArt Walks is a non-profit initiative founded by Nicole Saikalis Bay in 2019. Since its inception, WeArt Walks has had a clear purpose of charity and sponsorship, raising funds over the years to support projects in artistic, social, and educational promotion in Milan and internationally.

The initiative was born to share the passion for contemporary art, architecture, and design. WeArt Walks is committed to organizing reserved experiences and events, guided tours, exclusive encounters with personalities and professionals in the art, design, and architecture fields, with a special focus on the Italian art scene while also being open to the most interesting international destinations and experiences.

The activities and initiatives organized by WeArt Walks serve as a shared tool to raise funds in support of numerous projects in artistic, social, and educational promotion. WeArt Walks has committed to donating funds to several Milanese associations, including Opera San Francesco per i poveri, iSemprevivi, Solidando Istituto Beata Vergine, and Progetto Itaca.

More recently, WeArt Walks became active internationally. It donated funds to support cultural and educational projects in the Lebanon through a number of internationally recognized foundations and NGOs, such as “Beit el Baraka” (with its “Murex” initiative), “Loubnaniyou” and the “Sursouk Museum”.

The latest initiative by WeArt Walks is a fundraising campaign to support Lebanese artists participating in the 16th edition of the Lyon Biennale (2022).

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