Following the success of Art Takes Over, a project based on the direct collaboration between landlords and the best art galleries in Milan, Nicole Saikalis Bay now continues to work in this direction, Art Takes Over is just the starting point of a long-term project. Thanks to her enthusiasm and experience in the field, this project has allowed art galleries to bring the general public closer to works generally seen exclusively by enthusiasts and collectors, while offering the owners of the spaces the opportunity to maintain over time the attractiveness and value of an area of ​​Milan famous all over the world.

Inspired by the example of well-established international practices, and thanks to the collaboration with art galleries, Art Takes Over aimed to foster a new “Renaissance” by creating a meeting ground between contemporary art and the wider public.

As an incubator for art and design projects and initiatives, WeArt Projects aims to show the general public the impact that art can have on the urban landscape. Today, art is seen as an important means for the enhancement of the territory and its cultural and social development. We need to rethink its role within regeneration processes, redefining it as a useful tool to support a wide-ranging program of actions, operating on material and immaterial levels, with the involvement of local community..