Art Takes Over

In 2021, WeArt Projects launched Art Takes Over, a curatorial project for urban revitalization based on close collaboration between owners of vacant spaces and important art galleries in Milan.

Marina Abramovic, The Communicator, 2012

Monica Bonvicini + Ariel Schlesinger "Trasformazione"

Kerstin Brätsch + Judith Hopf "Unterwegs"

 Through the organization of contemporary art exhibitions in temporarily unused commercial spaces of Milan’s Quadrilateral, the project aimed at revitalizing and enhancing spaces affected by the pandemic through art and creativity. The works of the artists invited to exhibit in two subsequent editions, were made available to the public on a 24/24 basis through the shop windows of Via della Spiga 48 and via della Spiga 31.

Nationally, the presence of art in public spaces has always been promoted and encouraged by various public and private institutions. 

Many cities use artworks to rejuvenate and beautify their neighborhoods' streets. 

Urban art installations continue to gain strength as an expressive form capable of actively engaging residents and shedding new light on city districts.

Building upon the success of this initial initiative, WeArt Projects aims to provide a service not only to art galleries but also to owners of vacant spaces, whether public or private, who wish to embark on a joint journey aimed at enhancing artworks for the community. WeArt Projects will oversee the projects from their conception to realization, in order to create something unique and appealing each time.